Frequently Asked Questions

This is where I maintain several frequently asked questions, or have posted FAQ's written by others with their permission.

This page has an index directly above it to assist you in finding the FAQ you are looking for. A description of this index follows:

Siberian Husky FAQ
This is the Siberian Husky FAQ that has been around for years. I wrote it along with others. It has been translated into 4 different languages (French, Spanish, German, and Sweedish). Unfortunately, the links I had to these translations are all stale and the only one I have been able to recover is the French version. I am looking for where the others may have moved.
Alaskan Malamute FAQ
Written at about the same time as the Siberian Husky FAQ by myself with help from others.
About Sled Dogs and Sled Dog Racing
A sled dog FAQ I wrote several years ago for the usenet group rec.pets.dogs. Although old, it is still a useful document. I need to update it of course.
Sled Dogs and Sled Dog Racing FAQ
An FAQ by Maggie Bonham, Sky Warrior Racing Kennel.
Sled Dog References
A bibliography.
Where to Order Equipment
Sled dog suppliers.
OooWoo Racing Kennel FAQ
Frequently asked questions about my kennel.
Siberian Husky FAQ in French
The Siberian Husky FAQ translated into French for me by Paul Lévesque.