The Junior Musher's Bulletin Board

Welcome to the bulletin board area of the junior mushers web pages. Here you will find the latest information, schedules, and so on from the world of mushing. As you can see, there is nothing recent below. I preserved old stuff from the old pages, but have added nothing new. I've been redesigning these pages and not collecting new information. However, now that this is complete, I will post new items as I get them.

If you have something to contribute, please let me know and I will get it posted.

Iditaread Program
"Students from Greenwood Elementary School raced over jagged mountain ranges, across frozen rivers, through dense forests and desolate tundra." Quoted from article. A classroom use of the Iditarod race.
News You Can Use
Look here for current events and news in the world of mushing.
Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers' Association, Inc.
Lots of good information for the junior musher.
Old Stuff from JMSC
These are old stories that were posted on the old Junior Mushers School and Clubhouse. They are old, but still interesting so I kept them around. Plus, this will give you an idea for the kinds of things that I post here, and the approximate format.
Want Ads
People needing assistance or equipment.
Virtual Mushing
A now old article written by Stephen Lee about the internet and mushing. It was published in ISDRA INFO. Exerpts from the article, and an interview with Stephen have been published in a newspaper for the U.P. 200 several years ago.