Mushing Educational Materials

It is well knows that W.C. Fields was not fond of children or dogs. I wonder if W.C. Fields ever met Scotty Allan during Scotty's retirement in California. It would have been an interesting meeting...

Here are some useful materials recomended for teachers, juniors, or adult beginners to learn the skills of mushing and develop interest in the sport. There is some good introductory material here, as well as clasroom curriculum for the teacher.

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Classrom Curricula

Here are materials that teachers can use in a classroom environment.

Sled Dog Stories
Paw Power
Some classroom materials from Canada.
Dog Sled Design and Friction

Iditaread Program

The Iditaread Program as written up in The Birmingham News. Quoted from the article: "Students from Greenwood Elementary School raced over jagged mountain ranges, across frozen rivers, through dense forests and desolate tundra."

Iditarod Curriculum

This is used by schools to teach subjects like geography and arithmetic and many other elementary school disciplines in an exciting context, that is, dogs, racing and Alaska. It isn't an instruction book for junior mushers but it might lead some into the sport and it is good public relations and promotion. Available from the Iditarod Trail Committee, PO Box 870800, Wasilla, AK 99687-0800 or email Lois Harter at There are several different kits, from around $14 to $25 dollars. See for more informaiton.

International Sled Dog Racing Association Junior Division Manual

This was put together by Betty Sprunger, Harris and Ginger Dunlap as well as others and is used in many 4H programs. There are also worksheets, different level mushing project record forms and report outlines. The manual and other documents outline the structure and information necessary to organize a club or development program for junior mushers. The project and report can be used as a way to evaluate or select mushers for recognition based on different activities such as assisting race officials, visiting a veterinarian's practice, building trails for sled dogs, helping other mushers and similar criteria that are not excessively focused on racing performance. This material is available from Betty Sprunger, 6180 North Roscommon Road, Roscommon, MI 48653, telephone 517- 275-4005. The cost is $5 plus postage.

Yukon Quest Curriculum

I've never seen it, but I hear it is excellent. If anyone has any information I could include here, I would appreciate it. The teacher packet is available by calling (907) 452-7954.

Reference Material

Children's Books and Stories

Club Charters