Welcome Junior and Novice Mushers!

The pages contained here used to be part of the "Junior Mushers School and Clubhouse," a project that Tim White and I started several years ago. We started this to serve the needs of junior mushers around the globe through the world wide web. We wanted to enhance the proficiency of the junior musher as well as expand andimprove the level of participation and competition in races, events, and other activities in the sport. We wanted to help the junior musher hone his or her mental skills and increase their ability to communicate and work well with their dogs as a team. However, due to time constraints on all of our parts, it never got past the initial stages.

I have kept this information and re-cast it here into these web pages for the junior musher. Here you will find information on a variety of topics at a variety of levels. Teachers looking for classroom curricula, juniors looking for specific tips or information about mushing, or anyone looking to get started mushing will find useful information here. A variety of information is available, from blackboard teaching sessions, "How To" guides, and so on. Although these pages are dedicated to young adults, anyone can benefit from the information presented here.