Navigation of the Junior and Novice Mushing Web Pages

There is a lot of information on the Junior web pages, and I hope to add more as people send in contributions. To help you find the information you are looking for, the menu at the top of the Junior pages are always present. A description of each of the entries there follows.

This page!
Classroom Materials
Mushing information suitable for the classroom setting. If you have something to contribute, please contact me.
Bulletin Board
This was a hold-over from the previous incarnation of the junior web pages (see introduction). It is used to place things you might see on a bulletin board. People needing help, buying or selling things, etc. Also, the latest news from the mushing world.
Lessons and Tips
Training tips and lessons from expert mushers.
Mushing or dog related short stories.
Building Your Own Stuff
Instructions for building your own mushing or dog-related gear.
Uncle Elmer
Some of the Uncle Elmer articles from Team and Trail.
Mushing pictures.
Just for Fun
Links to mushing cartoons or other similar entertainment related to sled dog racing.
Junior Home
Back to the Junior and Novice Mushing home page.