Mushing/Working Dog Stories

In this section of the junior pages, you will find several stories and articles about events, individuals, or organizations friendly to mushing.

The Iron Will Story
The real story behind the 1994 Disney movie.
We Alaskans
Rob Boyce writes an article for the Anchorage Daily News about being lost with his dogs. Copyright 3/19/00.
It's all about P.R.I.D.E.
Will Forsberg has forwarded a letter about an event that symbolizes PRIDE in mushing.
The story of Prancer, the lost lead dog and how he found his way home.
The Trapper
I Am Famous Now
Warning! This is a sad, fictitious story depicting the life of a neglected, abused, dog used only for breeding. It is anthropormorphic and effusive, but it is worth a read if you are considering breeding. A good breeding program is fine, an irresponsible one is unconscionable.