OooWoo Racing Kennel

"The racing Siberians of the Jemez Mountains"

The OooWoo Racing Kennel is located in beautiful Northern New Mexico, next to the Jemez Mountains in Los Alamos. On these pages you will find some images of my racing team, answers to questions I get asked all the time (like "Why OooWoo?"), and so on. I also have personality profiles of the current, and past, dogs in my kennel, and how I got them. Sometimes those stories are interesting too.

Just think of this as a cyberspace tour through my kennel. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

This page has an index directly above it to assist you in finding information about my kennel, descriptions of my dogs, frequently asked questions I get, and so on. A description of this index follows:

Frequently Asked Questions about my kennel. Some general mushing FAQ's occasionally creep in here as well.
My Dogs
Here I profile each of the dogs in my kennel (past and present).
Racing Images
There are images of my kennel scattered throughout these pages, but these are all images from races. Action photos!
Training Images
These are images from training my team. Gig and ATV.
Other Images
Assorted other images of me and my team, my dogs as puppies, etc.
OooWoo Home
Back to this page. Home base of the OooWoo racing kennel web pages.