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To subscribe to OBED-TEACH you will need to send a paragraph to the list administrator indicating that you are an obedience instructor, what club(s) you instruct with and other relevant information. For more information, see below. I am not a member of this list, so this is all of the information I have about it.

WELCOME TO OBED-TEACH: "Canine Obedience Instructors' Discussion List" =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WHAT IS OBED-TEACH: ------------------------------------------------------------- Obed-Teach is an e-mail discussion list for canine obedience instructors at all levels, from those who instruct household manners classes, to those who teach puppy socialization classes, to those who instruct competition classes and private lessors, to those who offer nationally and internationally recognized seminars and camps. The purpose of this discussion forum is to help us all become better instructors, through communication and idea exchange with others. WHAT NOT TO DO ON THIS LIST: ------------------------------------------------------------- 1. You may not retransmit any posts from obed-teach without the explicit permission of the original poster. Similarly, you may not reflect or remail the digests from this list to other sites without the explicit permission from each of the posters AND the list administrator. 2. Don't flame each other. Please understand that a "flame" is not just any remark expressing disagreement with someone else's ideas; a "flame" is a personal insult with no logical connection to the issue at hand. So, for example, the following statements would count as inappropriate "flames": "Anyone still teaching the Ear Pinch should be arrested," or "Those cookie-pushers don't really know how to train dogs," ..because they are insulting and inflammatory (thus, "flames") without being enlightening or informative. But, "Many dogs who are not ear pinched can retrieve just fine," or, "I believe that a dog must be ear pinched to be reliable." ..are not "flames," and are acceptable because, while they are indeed expressions of opinion, they address the issue at hand and are not simply attacks on individuals who hold differing views from one's own. 3. This forum is not the place for discussions about animal rights, the ethics of maintaining pets, generalized environmental causes not directly bearing on dog obedience instruction, pros and cons of vegetarianism, hunting, logging or any similarly tangential topics. Discussions of the merits of PETA and similar organizations are not appropriate on obed-teach unless they have a direct impact upon instructors and our classes (for example, if your class in the park was being video-taped by people wearing PETA jackets, or if an animal rights group was picketing your obedience instructing facility, that might be relevant to bring up on this forum). 4. You shouldn't post anything blatantly commercial, or plug your own books, videos, or seminars. Notices of upcoming seminars, camps, books, clinics, conferences and videos, or reviews of camps, books, videos, etc. which are related to obedience instruction may be posted to obed-teach by anyone who does not have a financial interest in the marketing of the item/event. If you have a financial interest in a product or event which you think would benefit others here, you may announce its availability on obed-announce but not on obed-teach. 5. Comments directed at a particular person (e.g., "Right on, Rhoda. Good point," or "Thanks for the info," or "What a horrendous experience that must have been. I don't know why people do such things," or "Hi, Jane, I'm glad to see you've joined the list. Write to me," etc.) are private communications, and should be sent PRIVATELY, NOT to OBED-TEACH. 6. Don't do anything which would violate your agreement with your Internet service provider or (if you receive obed-teach at work) which would violate your employer's rules. Listowners do not like hearing from disgruntled bosses demanding to know "Just what is this 'obed-teach' e-mail list anyway, and how is it related to Industrial Engineering?" ('Nuff said) NETIQUETTE: ------------------------------------------------------------- Etiquette is how you should behave in the real world; "netiquette" is how you should behave in the virtual one. The following aren't rules, but guidelines which should help make everyone in the electronic universe just a little bit happier. * DO send replies to the whole list when they contain information or tips or even opinions from which all might benefit! * But be VERY CAREFUL not to inadvertently send personal messages intended for a single individual to the whole list. * Do include your "call name" and your e-mail address at the bottom of your posts, in case someone does wish to respond privately to your remarks. Do this even if your software automatically puts this info in a "header" because some other people's software automatically strips off headers, so they don't see your name and e-mail address at the top. * Try to keep your signature files brief; several lines long might be fine, BUT EXTENDED ARTWORK, PHILOSOPHICAL SAYINGS, AND RESUMES SHOULD BE TRIMMED. ASCII art (pictures) in .signature files will not always appear as it was originally intended, because of different systems' formatting capabilities and conventions. Therefore, it should be omitted. * Try to use informative subject lines in your posts. For example, "Puppy Class" is more informative as a subject header than "Question" or "I Need Advice" or "New Idea" would be. * If you are replying to a previous post, don't include the full text of the original letter. Include only pertinent information, or summarize. On the other extreme, please don't reply to a previous post without *at least* briefly summarizing the original question or discussion. * Think carefully about what you are posting, since you never know who might be reading your words. The person you call an idiot may well subscribe to this forum, or have a student who does. * Seminars, training methods, books, and anything else that is geared toward topics on this list are encouraged to be reviewed. If you have negative feedback, please keep the comments based on the methods, ideas, etc and not on the author or person responsible for the product. E.g., Don't say, "So-and-so is an abusive trainer." Preferable would be: "I didn't like so-and-so's method of teaching <whatever> because s/he relied too much on compulsion and too little on positive reinforcement for my taste." * PLEASE let the listowner know if you intend to mention this list in a published article in a club newsletter or other publication. The reason is because such "mentions" frequently lead to a large increase in the number of subscription requests (which will make more work for the listowner), especially if the publication where the "mention" appears is widely distributed. Since this list has a maximum of 400 subscribers, and is by application only, it will help us deal with administrative workload better if we know in advance when to expect a large influx of subscription requests. OTHER SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Canine Obedience Announcements ------------------------------ A list devoted to obedience announcements, seminars, trials, etc. is also run from reepicheep. One can join this list by Emailing to: listserver@reepicheep.gcn.uoknor.edu the command SUB OBED-ANNOUNCE Your Name where you insert your real full name (NOT your email address). Canine topics in general ------------------------ Several Usenet Newsgroup, rec.pets.dogs.*, are available at any of the thousands of sites worldwide which have access to Usenet News. Information about how to subscribe will depend on specific features of your particular computer installation. Check with your system personnel for information about subscribing to Usenet Newsgroups. Individual breed lists and many other canine-related lists are housed on various machines all over the world. The best up-to-date summary of these is maintained by Cindy Tittle Moore and publically accessible. The list of all canine lists (including breed lists) can be accessed as follows: ftp rtfm.mit.edu, file pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/email-lists or email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu, no/any subject line and in the body: send usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/email-lists The second option may take several hours to get a reply. I tried both of these and they do work. ADDRESSES ASSOCIATED WITH OBED-TEACH: ------------------------------------------------------------- Before sending a post, make sure that you are using the correct address. There are five addresses associated with the OBED-TEACH list. 1. listserver@reepicheep.gcn.uoknor.edu This address should be used to handle subscriptions (getting on and leaving the list) and will automatically process well known list parameters sent to it. 2. obed-teach@reepicheep.gcn.uoknor.edu This address should be used to send letters that you want distributed to all readers of the list. Don't use this address to request to be removed from the list. Use the listserver address when you want to change list options or when you want to be removed from the list. 3. obedreq@reepicheep.gcn.uoknor.edu This address is Mike Richman's personal mailbox. You can submit any questions or problems that you need addressed by Mike (the list manager) personally. 4. rginzberg@eagle.wesleyan.edu This is the address of the OBED-TEACH listowner, Ruth Ginzberg, (sometimes called the list administrator), and should be used for personal assistance with subscription and delivery problems. 5. arbitration@reepicheep.gcn.uoknor.edu This is the alias for the arbitration committee. If you have a gripe about list policy you would like answered, or would like clarification of a policy, use this address. If you feel that someone is flaming you or stifling you, email your complaint to this address. It might take a day or two for the members to all confer on your question and get back to you. Thank you for your cooperation and your participation in obed-teach. Please post an introduction telling the other subscribers a bit about yourself. To subscribe to OBED-TEACH you will need to send a paragraph to the list administrator indicating that you are an obedience instructor, what club(s) you instruct with and other relevant information.