The Siberian Husky Mailing List

The Siberian Husky mailing list is dedicated to discussion of the Siberian Husky breed. It is a polite, knowledgable group of people, from long time fanciers of the breed to new owners. To subscribe to sibernet, send mail to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM, no subject, and with the command

subscribe sibernet-l youraddress

where youraddress is something like "" or whatever. Betty Goetz, Seattle/Bothell, Washington,USA (e-mail: is the owner of this list. I, along with others, are co-owners. Below, I have included her welcome message to sibernet-l that all new subscribers recieve. I have only included the part that describes the mailing list itself. Also included in the welcome message are details on the eworld commands, which I have omitted here.

Welcome to Sibernet-L!

This mailing list is devoted to the Siberian Husky. We welcome all Siberian Husky owners, breeders, exhibitors or anyone with an interest in the Siberian Husky breed. We encourage you to add yourself to our roster (see format below) and to introduce yourself to our group.

This list was created to provide a forum for the discussion of all topics related to Siberian Huskies. The issues that can be discussed through this mailing list are as varied as our breed's talents and abilities. We also hope to meet public education needs, foster ethical breeding practices, and promote responsible dog ownership. Owning a Siberian Husky requires commitment. Too many people acquire this unique and increasingly popular breed without researching the general nature of the breed. This is not a breed that "everyone" will be comfortable with. We hope to help people decide whether this IS the breed they want to share their life with. We have many people on this list with years of experience in living with Siberian Huskies. Responses to a Siberian Husky behavior which are "instinctive" for an experienced owner are often novel to the first time Siberian Husky owner. We are here to help and to share information. For those of us who are already owned by Siberian Huskies, this list provides a forum for the discussion of the trials and tribulations our dogs surprise us with on a daily basis.

A Siberian Husky FAQ exists and may be accessed. Please read it before posting questions to the group as the most commonly asked questions are well covered in this FAQ.

DISCLAIMER: Subscribers are hereby informed that the presence of any breeder on this list is not to be construed as a recommendation by the list owners or members of this list. List owners or members of Sibernet-L list are not liable for any decisions you make regarding advice you receive on this list. Any person considering the purchase of a Siberian Husky is strongly advised to seek advice from regional or national breed clubs in your locality (a FAQ with breed club information is under development). In addition to the detailed questions a responsible breeder will ask a potential puppy buyer, there are important questions the buyer must ask any breeder before considering a puppy purchase. Many of the health and temperament issues that need to be considered when purchasing a Siberian Husky are covered in the Siberian Husky FAQ for this group, and you are encouraged to read it. More detailed information on selecting a breeder will be available in a FAQ currently under development.

Advertisements of any kind are not to appear on this list. Personal flames directed to anyone on or off the list are strongly discouraged. Any persistent flaming that occurs may result in the involuntary signoff of subscriber(s) responsible. On the other hand, we are here to share information and learn from each other, so candid, lively discussion is encouraged. General discussions about dogs, sledding, and animals rights issues not directly related to our breed are also discouraged as there are already a number of fine mailing lists and newsgroups set up to deal with these issues (eg. rec.pets.dogs, sleddog-l, and CANINE-L).

Subscribers to this list may be particularly interested in the information available on the sleddog-l mailing list. Siberian Huskies are a working breed, and as such are happiest when given the opportunity to work. This list provides a forum for the discussion of the Northern Breeds and sled dog sports including backpacking, skijouring, mushing, weightpulling, carting, pulka, and any other related working activity. You may subscribe to this list by referring to the sleddog document.

Sibernet-L Roster

A roster of Sibernet-L members is maintained and available to any subscriber. It will also be posted periodically on SIBERNET-L. Participation is strictly voluntary, of course! You are also encouraged to post a introductory message to the list.

Please complete the following questionnaire and return it to Laura Hein, if you wish to be so listed. (Laura's e-mail address is given below)

All information is optional (of course!)

Internet address
Location (ideally, at least state/province/country)
Kennel Name
Years in Siberians (or other breeds)
Breed club affiliations/offices held
Name (registered and call, if possible), gender, birthdate (x/x/x), titles for each dog currently owned (one dog/line)
Interests (obed/agility/conf/therapy/sledding etc etc.)
Are you interested in being a rescue contact?
Additional information: Let us know something about yourself and your dogs

Please do not post this info to the list; return it to the roster keeper, Laura Hein (, who will mail out roster updates to the list whenever a dozen or more new additions have been received.

Please be sure that the subject line contains the word "ROSTER."

The previous incarnation of this list was Sibernet which was hosted at another site and was owned by Iain Cruickshank and co-moderated by Betty Goetz. At this time I want to thank Iain for all his hard work in getting a Siberian-only list operating. He did all the hard work, I just talked a lot!

Betty Goetz