The Sled Dog Mailing List

The sleddog mailing list is dedicated to discussion of northern breeds and sled dog sports of all types. It is a polite, knowledgable group of people, from begining to veteran mushers. To subscribe to sled dog, send mail to, no subject, and with the command

subscribe SLEDDOG-L your name

where your name is your actual name, e.g., subscribe SLEDDOG-L John Q. Musher. Maggie Bonham, Sky Warrior Racing Kennels, is the owner and moderator of the group. Below I have included her welcome message to sleddog that all new subscribers recieve.

Copyright 1994 by MLH Bonham

Welcome to sleddog! This mailing list is dedicated to the Northern Breeds and sled dog sports including backpacking, skijouring, mushing, weightpulling, carting, pulka, and any other related working activity. Those who are interested in working their dogs (of *any* breed) are invited to ask questions and join in on the conversation. This group is intended to provide information to anyone who wishes to work their dog, be it a Siberian or a Golden Retriever. *However* specific breed questions *should* be limited to Northern Breeds such as Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Samoyeds, Alaskan Huskies, and any husky mix.

Appropriate topics (not exclusive)

Inappropriate topics

We welcome any experience and any interest. You don't even have to participate in the sled dog sports to enjoy this list (although we encourage this behavior ;-), all you have to have is a love of sledding and northern breeds.

Maria Gronberg has done a wonderful job of putting together a roster of those who participate on the list and has provided an anonymous FTP site at FTP to this site and log in as Anonymous; your password will be your email address. The FAQs, digests, and roster are in the following directories:

The digests are by months, so if you are interested in September 1994, check out sleddog.9409. These are big files, so be forewarned. Thanks Maria!

FAQ's are published on the list every 1st and 15th of the month. They contain:

I encourage you to introduce yourself once you are on board. You'll find us helpful and even encouraging. We have people with decades of experience and people who are just starting. Some of us have our eyes towards the professional arena; others are recreational. Above all, ENJOY!

Sky Warrior, owner of sleddog

PS: I wish to thank those of you, both mentioned above and unmentioned for dedicating your time and knowledge to sleddog. I couldn't do it without you.