The Tracking Mailing List

To subscribe to the tracking mailing list, send mail to, no subject, and with the command

subscribe tracking Your Name

in the body of the message. Your Name is your real, actual, full name. Below I have included the welcome message to agility that all new subscribers recieve. I am not a member of this mailing list, so this is all of the information I have about it.

What is TRACKING? TRACKING is a discussion list for and about canine tracking. What TRACKING is NOT! TRACKING is not the place for flames in any form. Period. As list owner I do not expect to read every post on this list, nor do I want this to become a moderated list. However, I will not look kindly upon deliberate attempts to disrupt the list, usurp it to some other topic unrelated to breed issues, or use it as a format for politicized "position statements" or axe-grinding over some emotion-charged subject. TRACKING articles and posts are NOT to be retransmitted without the explicit permission from the original poster. Please honor their wishes should they not want their posts sent elsewhere. Moreover, this list should not be reflected to other sites without explicit permission from BOTH the posters and the list administrator. Blatantly commercial postings, ads, chain letters, etc., are unwelcome. None of the foregoing is intended to stifle discussion; it *is* intended to ensure that problems which have sometimes plagued other discussion lists do not take root here. Nobody is going to "look over your shoulder" to scrutinize every word posted. There are no "Thought Police" here. To avoid future misunderstandings it is necessary to state these restrictions at the outset, rather than attempting to impose them at some later date. It is my hope that all this will make TRACKING the kind of place you want to return to often, and whose arrival in your mailbox becomes a welcome and anticipated event. Once you have been added to the list, the listserver will send you a file detailing further options you may wish to employ. Once again, welcome to TRACKING. Consider sending TRACKING an informal introduction describing yourself and your dogs once you sign up for the group. We're all interested in you! ----------- ---- -*- ---- ---------- SUBSCRIBING, UNSUBSCRIBING AND POSTING TO TRACKING ------------------------------------------------ A number of people have asked how to subscribe to TRACKING. This brief instruction sheet is intended for them, in the hope that it may make the sometimes arcane world of E-mail, listservers, and discussion lists a bit less confusing. HOW DO I SUBSCRIBE TO TRACKING? ----------------------------- This discussion list is run using software called UNIX listserver 6.0. To subscribe to TRACKING, one must tell the listserver to add one's userid to the list of subscribers. This is accomplished by sending commands, usually as E-mail, to the listserver, ***NOT*** to the actual list. Typically, to subscribe to TRACKING one must proceed as follows: Send E-mail to: <> with a blank subject line and the following command as the first (and only) line of the message body: subscribe tracking Your Name replacing "Your Name" with your real, full, true name. You may post using an "Alias" if you wish, but you must subscribe with your full, true identity. You must supply a full, i.e., two part, name. The listserver will not accept subscriptions with a first name only. Use of initials only is discouraged. Use of pseudonyms, e.g., "Phantom Phreaker" and the like will get you removed from the list unless you have previously communicated with the List Owner justifying your need for anonymity. Conversely, to leave TRACKING proceed as follows: Send E-mail to: <> with a blank subject line and the following command as the first (and only) line of the message body: signoff tracking HOW DO I POST TO TRACKING? ------------------------ To send, or "post", a message on TRACKING so that it will be seen by all subscribers, proceed thusly: Once subscribed, send TRACKING postings as E-mail to: <> just as you would if you were sending E-mail to another person. You will not normally receive any confirmation from the list that your posting has been received, but a copy of your own postings will be sent back to you by the listserver. TURNING MAIL ON AND OFF: SETTING POSTPONE ------------------------------------------ >From time to time you may find it convenient to halt the flow of incoming TRACKING list mail without giving up your subscription to the list. This may be due to a sudden surge in workload allowing little time to read list mail, vacation, sabbatical, or a number of other reasons. One significant advantage of this method over simply signing off the list is that, while you will receive no incoming list mail when this option is in effect, you preserve your privilege of posting to the list. To halt the flow of incoming TRACKING E-mail: Send E-mail to: <> with a blank subject line and the following command as the first (and only) line of the message body: set tracking mail postpone To restore incoming TRACKING mail service, repeat the above procedure but send the command: set tracking mail ack or set tracking mail noack The first option gives a mail acknowledgement upon receipt of your message. The second option skips the receipt acknowledgement. CAN I GET TRACKING POSTINGS IN DIGEST FORMAT? ------------------------------------------- In a word: Yes! You can choose to receive archives of every 12 hours of TRACKING containing all the individual postings made that day. This will be sent to you in a digest format. Selecting this option automatically sets listserver for your TRACKING subscription, so you will not receive any other list mail except the daily digest(s). You will still be able to post to TRACKING in the normal fashion, just as if you were receiving the postings as individual, in-coming E-mail. There will, of course, be an increased time lag between the submission of a posting by a TRACKING subscriber and the time you receive it in digest form. To select the digest option for TRACKING: Send E-mail to: <> with a blank subject line and the following command as the first (and only) line of the message body: set tracking mail digest To deactivate this option and once again receive each individual TRACKING posting as a separate, individual piece of incoming E-mail, proceed as above but send the command: set tracking mail ack or set tracking mail noack Note that setting 'mail ack' or 'mail noack' reverts your subscription to MAIL. If you wish to suspend list mailings to yourself, you must still send the explicit command: 'set tracking mail postpone' as outlined above. HOW CAN I GET FURTHER HELP? --------------------------- If you send the command HELP to ANY listserver, either as E-mail or an interactive message, you will receive a brief summary of other listserver commands which may be useful. Any other requests or questions should be directed to ''. ---------- ---- -*- ---- ---------- Cheers, Mike Richman TRACKING List Administrator <>