About My Weather Data

I have a wireless weather station at my home in Los Alamos from Davis Instruments. This weather station (pictured below) measures many meterological variables some of which are automatically posted to my web site using software that I purchased from a New Zealand company (www.weather-display.com).

The weather station has a battery and is solar powered, and transmitts data to the console every second. The console (pictured below) displays the data in real time.

Available data includes wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, wind chill, barrometric pressure, rain fall, rain rate, UV index, solar heating, and on and on. Historical data by day, month, and year are also available for all variables. I purchased software that downloads this data from the console (via serial cable connection) to my home computer, where the data can be further analyzed using the plotting and report generating software. It is also this software that uploads this data to my srlee.net web page every 30 minutes (settings range from uploads every minute to longer periods such as once per day).

This software also pushes local meteological data to the National Weather Service/NOAA and the Weather Underground (www.weatherunderground.com) where my local observations are shown for Los Alamos, New Mexico.