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This website is rather large and complex. To help you find the information you are looking for, the index at the left is always present on pages that I maintain. Each of these index elements take you to a specific part of my web pages, often with links to other information. Occasionally, some information is linked to multiple times in different areas. This is intentional as different people will look in different areas for specific types of information, or information may be applicable to more than one index topic.

The index topics are defined as follows.

Dog Truck (image)
Back to the dog truck! Or in this case, back to the main home page.
Site Navigation
This page!
OooWoo Racing Kennel
Information about my kennel, FAQs, reference guides to the sport, tips on how to get started, etc. Lots of general information about mushing.
Kennel Weather
Half-hourly weather data from my kennel (wind speed, direction, temperature, historical data, etc).
Junior Mushers
Information specifically targeted for the junior musher or kids interested in the sport. Teachers can also find relevant information here for classroom projects.
Information on mushing and other dog-centric organizations. Links to web pages, last known contacts, etc.
Email Lists
Email lists on mushing, dogs, etc, from around the world. Subscription information, and so on.
Mushing Links
Links to all sorts of web pages with mushing content, magazines, kennel directories, etc.
Sled Dog Suppliers
Links to suppliers of mushing equipment. Some comments on quality when known.
Mushing FAQs
Available FAQs on mushing and sled dog racing.
Siberian Husky FAQ
The official Siberian Husky FAQ.
Other Dog Breed Links
Links to information on various dog breeds.
Dog FAQ Links
Links to information on all things related to dogs, training questions, etc.
How do I...
Another navigation page to this web site, but in the form of questions. Things like "How do I build dog boxes for my truck?" or "How much should I feed my dog when training?" and so on. The questions link to answers on my pages.
Legal stuff, if you must...