Stephen's List of Mushing Links

This is my list of mushing links, that is, personal home pages with mushing content. There may be a few suppliers here as well, but I generally separate those out and post them elsewhere.

If a link is listed here, it means that at a minimum I have gone to the site and examined the content a little bit. It does not mean that I have examined the site in detail, nor should a link here be seen as an endorsement of the site or content therein. I simply means I took a quick look at the site, and thought others would find it interesting or useful.

Mushing Magazine
Mushing Magazine information, back issues, current articles, and so on.
Sled Dog Central
Lots and lots of links and information collected into one place.
Scott Chesney's Home Page
A friend of mine with a small mushing web page. Lives in Alaska.
Original Home Page of Robert W. Service
Robert Service's poens about the North...
Ballads of a Cheechako
By Robert W. Service
The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses
By Robert W. Service
Yukon Quest Home Page
Fairbanks, Alaska
The mushing capital of the world?
Yukon Territory
Maria Gronberg's Home Page
Northern Breeds information.
French Mushing Site
Home page for Bogeyman25 (don't ask me, that is what it says!). Unfortunately, his site is messed up, but if you load individual files in his directory listing, you can get some information. :-)
Spanish Mushing Site
You had better be able to Habla Espanol if you go here.
Pete MaKay's Home Page
Good siberian husky and mushing information.
Aatuk Siberians
Amarok's Siberian Huskies
Le Village de Musher
Fairbanks Junior Dog Mushers' Association, Inc.
Lots of information for the Junior Musher.
7th Grade Outdoor Education Class
Discussion of kids helping out racers in the area.
Blake Freking's Kennel
An Anadyr Siberian kennel making a run at the 2000 Iditarod.
Mike's Pack
Articlight Kennels
French and English
Windancer Siberians
These guys are keeping an online journal on their viewing of the 2000 Iditarod.
Belle Kennels
Black Willow Kennels
Curt Anderson's kennel in Idaho.
Siberian Huskies en Francais
A French site with Siberian Huskies. You need to parle Francais if you go here.
Kaneq Malamutes
All things skijoring. A must visit if skijoring is your sport.
Allegro Siberians
Helpful link resource to information on sled dogs and mushing information. JoAnna Hartman.
Alaskan Musher
A daily training journal of Iditarod 2001 by rookie G.B. Jones of Meadow Lakes, Alaska. Contact (The Sled Dog Action Coalition website)
This is nothing but a thinly veiled animal rights (AR) organization bent on killing the sport of sled dog racing. I have not provided a direct link, but should you decide to visit their web site, do so secure in the knowledge that it is nothing more than a classic AR campaign full of mis-information, lies, and exaggerations. Like most such campaigns, the real interest is in how much trouble can be created and money raised by making a big deal out of a cause as opposed to any real concern about the welfare of the animals they claim to care so much about. They claim to only be interested in the Iditarod, not recreational mushing or other smaller-scale races. Don't believe it. They start with the Iditarod for visibility, then will move on from there. Just like how PETA got started. So why include this information here? So that if you should stumble onto this site, you at least have some idea what it is really all about.