Questions and Answers

Here I present some common questions and answers. This is sort of a "meta FAQ," that is, a page with some common questions and links to areas of my pages or elsewhere that contain the answers.

The questions below are all links. Follow them to the answers. Answers to these questions are contained in larger documents. The links take you to those documents to read. They do not take you direct places within those documents with the answers. You will have to read the documents to find the answers.

  1. How do I build my own sled?
  2. How do I train a lead dog?
  3. How soon can I race my dog?
  4. What/how/etc should I feed my racing dog?
  5. How can I find out more about your kennel?
  6. How can I get my favorite mushing link listed?
  7. How do I make my own ganglines?
  8. Where is the Siberian Husky FAQ?
  9. How do I train my Siberian Husky to do ..."
  10. How can I get my race listed on the schedule pages?
  11. How do I get my mushing-related buisness listed on your suppliers page?
  12. Where is the mushing FAQ?
  13. How do I pick a name for my dog?
  14. Do you have dog house plans?
  15. Do you recommend breeders?
  16. Is Epilepsy (siezures of unknown origin) common in Siberian Huskies?
  17. Where can I find the article on working dogs?
  18. Do you have cart plans or know where I can get some?
  19. Why don't you like wireless fences?
  20. Do you recommend breeders/have puppies to sell/want to buy my puppies?
  21. How are you posting weather data from your kennel to the web?

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